Conestoga Softball "Builds"

 Coming home
  • This fall softball season hasn’t started off like many others. The team started off with just ten girls, which didn’t leave them much wiggle room or room for injury. The focus this season was to make it through with all of our girls and to build a good foundation of fundamentals.  The girls knew that we had a young team and that we had a lot to learn. Early on, we started battling some injuries; small injuries started growing into bigger ones. The girls persevered and played games – several with just enough to field the team.


    As of now, we are about three-fourths of the way through the season. It is very clear that many of our girls have learned a lot, following leaders on their team and listening to constructive criticism.  A big part of practices has been working on building our softball IQ, meaning working on specific situations in the field and on the bases, and knowing how to handle them. We still aren’t perfect, but we have definitely built from the beginning of the season. Senior, Shay Uhe reflecting on the season mentioned, “The younger players on the team have really learned a lot and have stepped up to the plate.”


    On Monday, September 23, the team played Nebraska City. At the beginning of the day, there were two girls injured on the team, so it was looking like they were down to eight players for the game. After some out-of-the-box thinking, Coach Bohrer reached out to freshman Jameson Yost, who was on the fence at the beginning of the season about playing. Yost, nervous but brave, agreed to help out and join the team. The girls all chipped in to help Yost learn as much as she could without overwhelming her. To start the game, Sophomore Morgan McAndrew, hit a dinger (homerun) to really get the players pumped up. In the end, the team lost 11-1, but really came together as a team, supporting each other and playing an entire seven innings.

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