May Board Meeting Conducted via Zoom Meeting

 Conestoga Community,

We will be conducting our monthly Board Meeting through an online program called Zoom.  We will not meet in-person at the Jr. Sr. High School. To prevent "Zoom Bombing", we cannot advertise the Zoom meeting ID code, so we will ask you to request the code by email first.

Steps to joining the Zoom Meeting on May 12, 2020 @ 7PM:

1. Email our Elementary Principal Eric Dennis to get the code ID for the Zoom Meeting: 

2. Go to the site within the browser on your computer and type in the Zoom Meeting ID code 

3. You maybe directed to be in a Waiting Room... this will help prevent another level of Zoom Bombing.  We will activiate you to join, once you're in the Waiting Room on Zoom.

4. You will enter the Zoom Meeting on mute, but just double-check to make sure you're on mute:)

5. More than likely, the Zoom Meeting will not have Public Commment for this first Zoom session.  We will deactive the Chat part of Zoom.