School Closing COVID19

Conestoga Families,

The safety of our families and students are priority to what we do at Conestoga, therefore, we will be closing our schools for the next 2 weeks. Next week begins our Spring Break, which we will take advantage of the time to do the start of a thorough-deep-cleaning of facilities.

Currently, the Cass/Sarpy County Health Department, who are advised by the CDC and other state health-organizations, have informed the district that we do not have any known students or staff that have tested positive for the COVID19 virus. This is great news for our students and families, as our plan is to proactively respond to preventing and/or slowing down the spread of the disease in our area of the state.

Teachers and students have worked to have homework ready to be done at home for the next few weeks.  Students have e-learning plans developed at the 7-12 grades, as well as, the PreK-6 grades have e-learning plans or work-packets too.  The educational staff have informed the students that it’s important that everyone continues their educational skills and knowledge. Please encourage your kids to maintain a great routine at home as they are expected to keep up on their studies during the next 2 weeks.  We do encourage students to get their homework done before their Spring Break starts on March 19-23rd.  Parents and students should expect assignments to be sent to them by their classroom/subject teachers on Monday through Wednesday of next week, if not already covered in today’s classes.  The following week of March 24- 27th, teachers will be sending and collecting school work with students; as if they were in the buildings attending classes.  The homework may not be as extensive, but still very important for the continuation of learning specific skills. 

We will resume classes on March 31st, unless more information changes this restarting date.

The Elementary & Jr. Sr. High Schools and campuses will be closed to everyone.  All activities, events, practices, open gyms, off-site practices, or anything connected to a school activity are not permitted.  No one will be allowed in the buildings next week, as this is protocol prior to the deep cleaning phase.

We encourage parents to monitor and limit students travel to gathering places; like shopping malls, recreational centers, and so on.  Until we have more information on the spread of the COVID19, local health officials have asked the schools to promote families and students to stay home.  If you or your family members show flu-like symptoms, please call your health care provider for directives. 

 We will work to send out more ParentSquare messages, as we learn more about what is going on in our communities. 

Thank you in advance for your support and care for our communities,

 Beth Johnsen