Quick Facts

Conestoga Elementary School

104 East High Street   PO Box 68   Murray, NE 68409-0040

402-235-2341           FAX 402-235-2345

“Conestoga inspires and prepares students for life.”

Est. 1978

Eric Dennis, Elementary Principal


Quick Facts About Conestoga Elementary School

388 students Pre-K-6th      

36 full-time teachers          

   21 Masters degrees and 15 Bachelors degrees

   Average number of years at Conestoga: 9

   Average number of years as a teacher: 13

25 support staff members

Accredited by Nebraska Department of Education and the North Central Accreditation

High commitment to technology and instruction:

            Over 200 computers on-line

            Computerized grading, attendance and student information

            Every classroom has a Promethean smart board

            Team-teaching and classroom assistants

Modern facilities:

Elementary school renovated in 2002

Four Day School Week

Tuesday through Friday every week

149 student days

164 teacher days

School start date: third week of August

School end date: fourth week of May


Quick Facts About Location: Rural Cass County, Nebraska

1.13 miles west of the HWY 75/HWY 1 intersection

Located in the town of Murray

13.24 miles East of the HWY 50/HWY 1 intersection

25 acre school campus


Quick Facts About Teacher Compensation

$36,500 starting base salary for 2019-2020     164 days of teaching and in-service

4% x 4% salary schedule

Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance coverage