Volleyball Parent Information

2017 Conestoga Cougar Volleyball Club Parent Meeting Information


There are two leagues depending on age and skill level.

 1.  Conestoga Cougar VBC Developmental League via Southeast Community College.  2nd-4th Graders (****5th grade by parent choice). 

 Registration deadline January 13th. Limited to the first 25 registered.  

 2.  Conestoga Cougar VBC Tournament League via Great Plains Volleyball.  5th-11th Graders.  These girls are assigned to a team based on age and skill level.  Last year we had one each….. a 5/6th grade team, a jr. high team and a high school team.


Registration deadline: December 9th to sign up with Great Plains and Conestoga Cougar Volleyball Club


Quote from Mrs. Becky Michel, Conestoga Jr. High Volleyball Coach-

“From 20 plus years of coaching, my best players have been the girls that have had many experiences playing and practicing the game in the off-season.  I encourage any girl that wants to learn more about the game of volleyball and improve their skills to get involved in club volleyball at Conestoga.”




Conestoga Cougar VBC  Developmental League


Pass, Set, Spike and Serve!  A developmental volleyball winter clinic for girls grades 2nd through 4th (and 5th w no experience playing previously).  Our games/skills ("GRILLS") focus on  quick footwork, thinking ahead/reading, and coordination while improving volleyball fundamentals.   Mini volleyball games on smaller courts (like 2v2) provide game-like play for quicker learning.   We utilize lower nets, volley-“lite” volleyballs and small prizes as incentives- no traveling tournaments.  Our self-feeding,  height- adjustable spiking machine assists with spiking success early and is a favorite!  This is our 7th year as the developmental level of the Conestoga Cougars Volleyball Club. Each registrant receives a volley-lite volleyball or our logo performance t-shirt.  Also need a couple parents to be part of the rotating coaching schedule to assist with practice.


Approx. schedule:

 January 22nd-March 26th (no class Feb. 26th due to facility being used).  

Potluck family day March 26th class.

$70.00 paid to Southeast Community College.  See Flyer from Southeast Community College, Registration Procedures on the reverse side of flyer.

Sundays 12-2pm at Conestoga Elementary gym. 


****The girls in 5th grade will have a choice if they want to play in the fundamental league or tournament league, however we will need players to fill our 5th and 6th grade team.  If you are unsure which league to choose, please discuss your goals for your daughter with Theresa McClatchey.



On-line Registration should be open November 22nd at the Southeast Community College link-  see flyer for link.






Conestoga Cougar VBC Tournament League via Great Plains Volleyball (grades 5th and older)


These teams will practice 1-2x/week with their individual team locally at our district facilities,  and play in tournaments in various locations like Bellevue, Papillion, Omaha Bryan, Omaha and Lincoln. 


Practice frequency and tournament dates and locations chosen for each team’s season will vary depending on each team’s and coaches decisions. 


The typical tournament schedule will consist of 1-2 tournaments per month to total 4-6 tournaments from January-April.


The fees for this league will cover GPVB fees, tournament fees, uniform, a ball if needed.  Uniforms will be purchased by the club and given to a player for the season then returned.  The club will provide socks and vb shorts to each player every year, kept by the player. We are in the process of ordering new jerseys! 


Fee is $160 to our club ( check payable to CCVB) and *$65 to Great Plains Volleyball via on-line registration.  

*There is also an age guide included in your packets.  11 and under only have to pay 25.00 to Great Plains, not 65.00.


All tournament league players must go to GPVB website www.gpvb.org and register with the region,  see the registration procedures form we have provided. This allows for insurance coverage for all the players and the practice sites. The club affiliation you will chose when registering online is Conestoga Cougar Volleyball Club.


Register with Theresa McClatchey for the Conestoga Cougar Volleyball Club.   You can mail or bring checks to first practices. If you are experiencing financial difficulties please discuss this with Theresa McClatchey. 


8812 Oakdale Court  Beaver Lake, NE 68048        402-651-6068

Concession Stands still going on: Currently we are organizing and running the junior high events concession stand.  The funds from these stands are used to help our players in the Conestoga Cougar VBC league keep the fees down to play volleyball.  Portions of the concession stand profit will go to those girls who worked as a reimbursement in March.   

See Ms. Shylynne’s concession stand info here tonight.  Sign up tonight if you can to help us plan. We really need workers and helpers.  Contact Shylynne Morris at  smorris@conestogaps.org.

Subsidize Conestoga Jr./Sr. High Volleyball team expenses: Other long term goals we have as a club are to be able assist the Conestoga Junior High and High school volleyball teams to purchase items they may need, be able to bring camps to the area, and provide a scholarship to a graduating senior.  We have provided a donation of at least $500.00 to the high school or junior high volleyball program for the past few years.

Business Donations/Sponsors:   We have been successful with business donations in the past.  Any player who acquires a business donation, that amount will be applied directly to her fee.  Any remaining dollars raised would go to help others who might need it this season.  If you know of any businesses who wish to donate please obtain their business name.  If successful, we can have the sponsor names printed on the back of all the coaches coaching shirts for advertisement.