by Scott Westerfeld Year Published: 2017 Sci-Fi Fiction FIC WES

I am not a patient person. This become very evident when I near the finish line of an intriguing book, only to find that it ends in a cliff-hanger. It's a series! I am required to wait several months to find out what happens next? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

You guessed it, Horizon by Scott Westerfeld ends in a cliff-hanger. After a little google search, I also discovered that this is a seven-book, multi-author, multi-platform series. Meaning, Scott Westerfeld wrote and outlined all seven books, but other authors will write the remaining books, similar to the 39 Clues Series. Also, there is a epic, free, downloadable game. (I have not played it. I'm a reader, not a gamer.)

After reading the first book, I'm excited to see what happens next. So far the characters have endured a dramatic plane wreck, a strange tropical rain forest filled with unnatural animals and plant-life, and the struggles that come with survival situations.

I recommend this book to fourth through sixth grade reluctant readers. There are enough twists and turns, along with a HUGE mystery to solve, to keep even the pickiest reader engrossed. Think "Lost" for elementary school.