Meets and Medals 2019

(Champs: Top 6, Honors 7-12, Merit 13-18, Conso 19-24)  * Indicated National Bid for NIETOC

December 15th - UNL

Jacob Drake 2ndEntertainment

Alex Lamoureux and Jessica Williams 3rdDuet Acting

Team Sweeps: 8th


January 5h _Millard North

No Medalists


January 19th - Lincoln Southwest

Jacob Drake 6th Place Merit Informative (18th)*, 1stPlace Merit Extemp (13th), 1st Place Champs Entertainment

Alex Lamoureux and Jessica Williams 1stPlace Honors Duet (7th)

Team Sweeps: 11th


January 25th - Millard West

Jacob Drake 1st Place Honors Entertainment (7th) and 2ndPlace Honors Extemp (8th)

Cassidy Hartig 2nd Place Honors Poetry (8th)

Team Sweeps: 16th


January 26th  - Louisville

Elijah Egley 4thNovice Extemp

Lily Drannen 1st Novice Poetry

Victoria O’Tool 1st Novice Serious Prose

Kelsi Weilage 4th Persuasive

Jacob Drake 1stEntertainment, 1st Extemp, 2ndInformative

Team sweeps: 3rd


February 2nd - Crete

Jessica Williams 1stHonors Persuasive (7th)*

Jacob Drake 2nd Champs Informative *, 3rd Place Honors Extemp (9th), 2nd Champs Entertainment, 5th Individual Sweeps

Team sweeps: 10th


February 9th - Lincoln North Star

Oren Bush and Jasmine Rainey 5thHonors Duet (11th)*

Alex Lamoureux and Jessica Williams 5thChamps Duet*

Jacob Drake 5th Champs Entertainment, 2nd Honors Extemp (8th), 6th Honors Informative (12th)

Cassidy Hartig 2nd Merit Informative (14th)*, 6thHonors Poetry (12th)

Team Sweeps: 6th


February 15th - Lincoln East

Oren Bush and Jasmine Rainey 4thMerit Duet (16th)*

Jacob Drake 3rd Honors Entertainment (9th)

Jessica Williams 4thChamps Persuasive*

Team Sweeps: 17th


March 1st - Malcolm 

Jacob Drake 5th Place Informative, 3rd Place Extemp, 3rd Place Enertainment

Jessica Williams and Alex Lamoureux 4th Place Duet

Cassidy Hartig 4th Place Poetry

Team Sweeps: 6th


March 2nd - Waverly

Lindee Watson 6th Place Novice Informative, 1st Place Novice Persuasive

Victoria O'Tool 4th Place Novice Serious Prose

Lily Drannen 1st Place Novice Poetry

Kelsi Weilage 6th Place Persuasive

Jessica Williams 1st Place Persuasive 

Jacob Drake 1st Place Informative, 1st Place Extemp, 2nd Place Entertainment

Team Sweeps: 2nd Place


March 11th - Districts @ David City

Victoria O'Tool 5th Place Serious Prose

Alex Lamoureux 4th Place Serious Prose

Jessica Williams 3rd Place Persuasive Speaking (State Qualifier)

Jacob Drake 5th Place Extemp and 1st Place Entertainment Speaking (State Qualifer)

Team Sweeps: 6th 


March 21st - State @ UNK

Jessica Williams 4th Place Persuasive Speaking

Team Sweeps: 15th 

May 10th - 12th - NIETOC @ Millard North



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