• Requesting Transcripts/Records

    All transcript and record requests MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING. 

    Submit your request by postal mail, email or FAX. Phone requests are not accepted.


    Include this necessary information to process a transcript or records request:

    Full name (including maiden name, if applicable)

    Graduation year OR expected graduation year if you withdrew before graduating

    Date of Birth

    The complete MAILING ADDRESS of the institution/employer where you want the transcripts/records to be sent.

    Phone number you where you can be reached.


    Colleges, universities and most employers want SEALED transcripts. Provide the complete mailing address for the recipient.  OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS CANNOT BE FAXED OR EMAILED. Official transcripts require the raised seal of the school and are the original copy.


    Submit your request to:

    Kelly Svanda, Secretary


    FAX: 402-235-2421

    Phone: 402-235-2271

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