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    Hello! Booster Club Members are proud members of Conestoga Athletics, Activities, and Academics.


    Homecoming Sponsorship

    Summer Golf Tournament

    School Spirit Events

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    President – Corrie Crook

    Vice President - Jenni Page

    Treasurer – Brad Lange

    Secretary – Jim Hild

    e-mail: conestogaboosterclub@gmail.com

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    Quite simply, the Booster Club is a non-profit fundraising organization made up of parents, staff, alumni and friends of Conestoga, whose mission is to assist in the growth and success of all groups, organizations and sports teams at Conestoga Jr/Sr High.  With your support, and the support of our business partner sponsors, we are able to give approximately $15,000 annually back to activities within the school.  Recently, we were able to award 5 graduating Conestoga seniors each a $500 scholarship for their academics, leadership and involvement at Conestoga.  We support the PB&J and Milk program in the school, which allows all students in a strength and conditioning class to have a healthy protein-rich snack after class.  We funded mats for the cheerleaders to practice their stunting in a safe environment.  We assisted the school in funding HUDL, a software program that allows coaches, players and parents to review game film, as well as drill down to individual plays, possessions and players.  It allows live streaming of games and has already helped students receive college scholarships, as these videos can be shared remotely.  We provided new poms to our back-to-back state champion dance team members.  These are just a few examples of recent support.  We look forward to new requests and ideas from teachers, coaches and sponsors in this upcoming year!


    Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 at Lake Ridge Country Club.  You will receive a monthly email reminder of meeting times, including minutes from the previous meeting.