• A Hat for Mrs. Goldman; A Story About Knitting and Love

    by Michelle Edwards Year Published: 2016 Realistic Fiction

    A Hat for Mrs. Goldman by Michelle Edwards, illustrations by G. Brian Karas

    I'm not the only one that loves this book. I won't be one bit surprised if it keeps popping up for awards. A Hat for Mrs. Goldman emphasizes compassion, perseverance, and problem-solving - all must-have skills for successful independent adults. All skills we want to impress upon our children. This book opens up the lines of communication, allowing parents to discuss these elusive traits while reading this adorable, enjoyable story. I highly recommend it for all ages.

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  • Chomp

    by Carl Hiaasen Year Published: 2012 Fiction

    This hysterical book takes you behind the scenes of a reality survival show to discover that the star isn't quite the survival man he is claims to be. I laughed out loud throughout this book, finding it hard to put down!

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  • Emmanuel's Dream

    by Laurie Thompson Year Published: 2015 Biography
    https://youtu.be/BHUDh82sZYs We have been reading 📖 Emmanuel's Dream to our students. Here's his story on YouTube.
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  • Full of Beans

    by Jennifer Holm Year Published: 2016 Historical Fiction
    Author Jennifer Holm does it again with "FULL OF BEANS--Never tell a lie... unless you have to!" This is a great book for third through sixth graders who would like to learn about Roosevelt's New Deal in an easy and entertaining way. Bean and his buddies live in Key West, Florida, at the height of the Great Depression when the good boys turn to a life of crime in order to make a few bucks. I fact-checked a few things while reading this seemingly unbelievable story, and found out that a lot of the events described actually happened. (Don't worry, parents, it all works out for the greater good in the end.
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  • Garvey's Choice

    by Nikki Grimes Year Published: 2016 Fictional Prose

    There's just something special about a book written in prose. The poems convey such emotion and depth that the reader experiences exactly what the narrator is conveying. This book broke my heart just a little bit. Maybe because we all were once awkwardly trying to figure out the world just like Garvey. What I really loved was how the book dealt with the issue of bullying. Garvey is overweight and mercilessly bullied at school. He meets a boy with albinism that teaches him that some people will always have hurtful words to say, but it is Garvey himself who gets to choose what words he listens to. By changing his perception, Garvey learns an important principal, "Round still, but that's fine. Feeling good outside and in. Maybe I'm not thin, but skinny isn't perfect. The perfect size is happy." Isn't that a lesson we all need to remember sometimes?

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  • Horizon

    by Scott Westerfeld Year Published: 2017 Sci-Fi Fiction

    I am not a patient person. This become very evident when I near the finish line of an intriguing book, only to find that it ends in a cliff-hanger. It's a series! I am required to wait several months to find out what happens next? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guessed it, Horizon by Scott Westerfeld ends in a cliff-hanger. After a little google search, I also discovered that this is a seven-book, multi-author, multi-platform series. Meaning, Scott Westerfeld wrote and outlined all seven books, but other authors will write the remaining books, similar to the 39 Clues Series. Also, there is a epic, free, downloadable game. (I have not played it. I'm a reader, not a gamer.)

    After reading the first book, I'm excited to see what happens next. So far the characters have endured a dramatic plane wreck, a strange tropical rain forest filled with unnatural animals and plant-life, and the struggles that come with survival situations.

    I recommend this book to fourth through sixth grade reluctant readers. There are enough twists and turns, along with a HUGE mystery to solve, to keep even the pickiest reader engrossed. Think "Lost" for elementary school.

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  • How This Book Was Made

    by Mac Barnett Year Published: 2016 Humorous Fiction

    How This Book Was Made by Mac Barnett, illustrations by Adam Rex
    This super cute book discusses how books are made all the way from the writing process to the shipping of the completed book. As a librarian, I am always looking for fun books on this topic and this one may just be my favorite yet. Parents - this might just become a bedtime favorite. Yes, it instructs about the book making process, but there is plenty of silliness and fun to make it an enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book.

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  • Juana & Lucas

    by Juana Medina Year Published: 2016 Biographical Fiction
    This adorable tale is so fun to read. Juana has great voice. Her doodles and explanations add to much flavor to this delightful story. Not only does Juana teach the reader to try, try, and try again, she provides tons of information about her life in Botoga, Columbia. Juana has a new class this year - English. She does not like learning the English, but as she discovers the benefits of learning a second language, she gives it her all. I recommend this book to 2nd – 4th grade readers of enjoy Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
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  • Jubilee

    by Patricia Reilly Giff Year Published: 2016 Realistic Fiction

    Jubilee is an engaging realistic fiction book about a girl with selective mutism. She is able to speak, but past trauma has made it emotionally impossible to communicate. Fortunately, Jubilee is surrounded by a good support system. This book explores what it means to be a friend and the courage needed to overcome. I recommend it to fourth through sixth graders that enjoy serious themes.

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  • Lawless

    by Jeffery Salane Year Published: 2013 Fiction

    This fast paced book turns the tables on school. Welcome to Lawless, the ultra-secret school for criminals. M Freeman arrives at school to discover the mystery of her past. She quickly discovers she has been preparing for this school her entire life. But will she embrace a life of crime? 

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  • Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

    by Ben Clanton Year Published: 2016 Graphic Novel
    This whimsical graphic novel explores the sweet, sometimes funny, friendship of a narwhal and jellyfish. I especially loved when narwhal taught jellyfish to use his imagination! This would be a perfect book to help reinforce the writing process. I also liked the fun facts provided about these animal species. Second through fourth graders will fall in love with these two. I think it would also be a fun book to partner read with your beginning reader.
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  • Penguin Problems

    by Jory John Year Published: 2016 Humorous Fiction

    Penguin Problems by Jory John and Lane Smith
    Parents - are you tired of complaints and whining? This book offers the fantastic opportunity to discuss what it means to be grateful along with the difference between big and small problems. It also emphasizes that positivity is a choice.

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  • Recommended Books by author/photographer Jeff Kurrus

    by Jeff Kurrus Recommendations Year Published: Fiction

    Jeff Kurrus presented writer's workshops during library classes on Friday, January 20, 2017. He also recommended some great books to our students. Check these out!

    My Lucky Day by Kieko Kasza - fun picture book for kindergarten & first grade

    Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling - fantastic fantasy books. There's a reason these are best sellers. Start reading them with your third grader today! 

    Lemonade Wars by Jacqueline Davies - this is just a delightful story that is hard to put down. Recommended reading 3rd - 5th grade

    Wild Life by Cynthia DeFelice - if you enjoy realistic fiction about the wilderness, this is the book for you. Recommended reading 4th - 6th grade

    The War that Saved My Life byKimberly Bradley Brubaker - fantastic historical fiction. Recommended reading 4th - 6th grade

    Loot! by Jude Watson - action and adventure for the 4th - 6th grade reader

    Crossover by Kwame Alexander - written in prose regarding a student's experience playing on a basketball team. Recommended reading 5-6th grade



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  • Took

    by Mary Downing Hahn Year Published: 2016 Supernatural Fiction

    Took is a perfect choice when you’re in the mood for a creepy tale. I have been reading Mary Downing Hahn since I was in elementary school. I enjoy her writing just as much today as I did then. Her plots are intense and intriguing, her characters well rounded and relatable. Her books are hard to put down. I recommend Took for anyone that likes a good supernatural thriller.

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